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Quebec Soccer Federation to reveal decision on Turban ban in 10 days; Brossard team sported in turbans to show solidarity

June 13, 2013 | By

Montreal/ Canada (June 12, 2013): It is learnt that the Quebec Soccer Federation has made a decision concerning its ban on turbans on the soccer pitch but will only reveal it in 10 days.

It is notable that the Canadian Soccer Association suspended the provincial association on June 10, 2013 after it showed no sign of overturning its decision to to uphold a ban on Sikh turbans, patkas and keskis on the soccer pitch.

Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) had uphold turban ban; Now Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) has suspended QSF until it revokes turban Ban

The Quebec soccer administrators reportedly met on the evening of June 11, 2013 to discuss strategy in the wake of the suspension. As per media reports the meetings decided not to to reveal what was concluded on the issue.

As per a news reported by CTVNews: “[t]he group vowed that they are working towards finding a solution to the standoff, which is increasingly taking on the proportions of a national crisis”.

“Premier Pauline Marois and her ministers continued expressing disapproval with the suspension”, the news report reads further.

“I find it unacceptable,” Marois reportedly told media scrum on June 11.

“I think the Quebec federation has the right to make its own rules. It’s not subject to the Canadian federation in that respect”, Marois reported added.

As per CTVNews: “PQ Cabinet Minister Bernard Drainville reiterated Premier Marois’ stand that the Quebec federation has the right to make its own decisions, but Drainville, who is the minister responsible for democratic institutions and citizen participation, would not personally comment on whether he himself supports the ban”.

The Canada Soccer Association issued a statement saying that it had been forced to suspend the Quebec Soccer Federation for failing to “ensure soccer remains accessible to the largest number of Canadians.”

“The Quebec organization cites safety concerns for banning turbans and points out that the world governing body, FIFA, doesn’t specifically allow turbans. But critics counter that FIFA’s rules don’t explicitly ban turbans, either” CTVNews has reported.

Joey Saputo said in a statement that kids should not be prevented from playing soccer because they wear a turban, but added that he thought the Canadian Soccer Association’s decision to suspend Quebec’s federation over the issue is “clearly exaggerated”.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tweeted his approval: “Good to see CDN Soccer Association take action against the Quebec Soccer Federation over its ridiculous turban ban”.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau echoed the sentiment, tweeting that “Barring kids from playing soccer because they wear a turban is wrong. The CSA is right to suspend the #QSF”.

Quebec Liberal parliamentary chief Jean-Marc Fournier said that the entire debate was neither in the interests of the youth or the sport. He urged that the turban ban be repealed.

Brossard team sported in turbans to show solidarity

A Brossard soccer team wore turbans in a recent game to express solidarity with players banned for wearing turbans. (Photo Courtesy- CTV Montreal)Meanwhile, one Brossard team showed its support for the Sikhs by sporting the patkas in solidarity.

The team borrowed 20 turbans from a local Sikh Gurdwara and wore it throughout their most recent game.

Coach Ihab Leheta reportedly said the idea came up in a pre-game meeting. “I said, ‘we have a game tomorrow, we can forget about it because it doesn’t affect us, or we could actually do something to show support’ and they all wanted to do something,” said Leheta.

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