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Question to Indian Media and Justice System [Letter to the Editor by Kanwal Jit Singh Gill]

October 24, 2013 | By

BY: Kanwal Jit Singh Gill
Surrey, B.C.

I have been reading Indian news for a while and see that Media and Justice system are very active about innocent killings in Gujrat. The Supreme Court of India didn’t like the delay and appointed SIT to speed up the justice system to punish the guilty persons in Gujrat. Why the same SCI don’t see the 29 year delay in providing justice to the 1984 victim families and punish the guilty Congress leaders? Why the SCI can’t appoint SIT to speed up the Justice to punish the 1984 guilty persons?

Rajiv Gandhi and Narindra Modi

Rajiv Gandhi (L) and Narindra Modi (R)

Media has been openly accusing Modi Govt. for killing thousands of innocent persons [Muslims] in 2002 Gujrat riots. And the Media has always opposed BJP declaring Modi as their PM candidate. And now my question to the Media is that if they can accuse and see Modi Government’s role in innocent killings in Gujrat then why the same Media can’t accuse and see Rajeev Gandhi Government’s role in killing ten times more innocent persons in 1984 Sikh Genocide? If the Media can see Modi Govt. and Gujrat Police’s failure to save innocent lives in Gujrat then why the same Media can’t see worse role of Rajeev Gandhi Govt. and Delhi police in 1984 killings ? If we compare the roles of Gujrat and Delhi police as ordered by Modi and Rajeev Gandhi Govts, we’ll see that role of Delhi police was a lot worse than the Gujrat police. In Gujrat there were few times when police tried and even fired to disperse mobs and save innocent lives. But in Delhi police never tried to Lathi charge, tear gas or fire to disperse mobs and save innocent lives. Unfortunately there are many examples of police helping mobs kill innocent persons as ordered by Rajeev Gandhi Govt. Very first thing Rajeev Gandhi Govt. did was to remove Sikh policemen from their jobs and ordered them not go out. Congress Govt. knew that despite orders some Sikh policemen will certainly act against mobs and try to save innocent lives. Another thing is that in Gujrat Muslim […] were able to get together and fight back to save their lives. […] But in Delhi, Sikhs were not allowed to get together to defend themselves. Couple of localities where Sikhs got together with Lathis and swords to fight back and save their families. The police showed up right away and told Sikhs they are violating Law and can’t get together. Police disarmed them, took away their weapons and dispersed them to their homes, promising to provide them protection. But afterwards Mobs showed up and were given free hand to kill innocent persons, rape women and burn their properties. These police officers should have been charged for assisting mobs to kill innocent persons. But Rajeev Gandhi Govt. never took any action against such guilty police officers because they were just following their orders.

Whereas Delhi police have used many excuses for their failure to act to save innocent lives. But the same Delhi police led by DCP Kamath showed up very quickly when a Sikh family fired a gun to scare away mobs and save their lives. DCP Kamath arrested and charged the Sikh family for firing the gun. But no body from Rajeev Govt. questioned DCP Kamath that why he never acted against mobs killing innocent persons but acted very quickly against the Sikh family trying to save their lives? Infact Rajeev Gandhi rewarded DCP Kamath with police medal for his bravery act in arresting the Sikh family. And later on Kamath became Delhi police Chief.

All these things proves that 1984 Sikh Genocide was planned, organized and executed by the Rajeev Gandhi led Congress Govt. The Media who has openly accused Modi Govt. for innocent killings in Gujrat. That same Media never had the courage to openly accuse Rajeev Gandhi Govt. for killing ten times more innocent persons. And whereas Media has been opposing Modi to be PM in future. The same Media has never opposed Bharat Ratan award to Rajeev Gandhi and also many memorials and projects named after Rajeev Gandhi. Why the Media has been following Double Standards when they talk about 1984 and 2002 innocent Killings?

The Indian Justice system, Supreme Court of India, Media etc. should read “Who are the Guilty?” report by PUDL-PUCL to know all the facts and guilty persons of 1984 Sikh Genocide. The Rajeev Gandhi Govt. banned this report in India because they never wanted the public to know all the facts. But now the Supreme Court of India, Justice system and Media should read this report and declare Rajeev Gandhi led Govt. guilty of 1984 Sikh Genocide and punish the guilty persons after 29 year delay.

Kanwal Jit Singh Gill is a Surry B.C. based news observer and frequent commenter. Views expressed in above write-up are his own.

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