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RSS ideologue, PTU Vice-Chancellor, teaching human values ‘dishonestly’: Sikh body

January 14, 2013 | By

Amritsar, Punjab (January 14, 2013): “Objecting to the selective teaching on ‘Human Values and Professional Ethics’ based on beliefs and philosophy of a particular religion to students by the Punjab Technical University, the Dal Khalsa has asked the Punjab Governor to intervene and direct the Vice-Chancellor of PTU to withdraw the present course in its current form and replace it with a properly designed course acceptable to all religions and faiths” reads a recent statement by Sikh body, Dal Khalsa. The statement was sent to Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) by Dal Khalsa’s Secretary S. Kanwar Pal Singh.

Dal Khalsa head Bhai Harcharanjeet Singh Dhami showing the book written by Ritu Soryan

In a letter to Shivraj V. Patil Governor of Punjab and also Chancellor of the PTU, the party head H S Dhami has sought the withdrawal of the present course as it defies the spirit of multi-culturalism.

Since 2011, this compulsory course is taught through two books – ‘Human Values and Professional Ethics’ written by R R Gaur, R Sangal and G P Bagaria and second by Ritu Soryan. The book by Ritu Soryan is full of Vedic thoughts quoting extensively from Hindu scriptures and philosophy, reads the letter.

The organization accused the management of the university for teaching ‘values and ethics’ dishonestly and foisting one language, one culture and one religion theory.

To drive his point home, Dhami said this present course was the brainchild of Dr. Rajneesh Arora, who is a staunch ideologue of the RSS, the Hindutva organization wedded to one language, one religion and monolithic culture. He blamed Akali Dal for succumbing to the dictates of its alliance partner the BJP in appointing him as the Vice Chancellor of the University.

Protesting the selective inclusion of Vedic thoughts and total exclusion of other religious ideals, value systems and philosophies, he said Punjab was the cradle of Sikhism having given birth to the fifth largest religion. “This course for students in Punjab, where majority of them are Sikhs, without including basic teachings of Sikhism amounts to taunting Sikh ideals and insulting to the spirit of inclusiveness demonstrated by Punjab over the centuries, said he.

He further said, any course in Ethics in Punjab and India should be plural and inclusive in nature. It should encompass the commonality of belief systems of all religions and faiths.

He said the copy of the letter has also been sent to Chief Minister Punjab for his consideration.

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