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SGPC move for Chief Secretary at Rs 3 lac per month plus perks raises suspicion

August 22, 2015 | By

Ashok Singh Bagrian

Ashok Singh Bagrian

The secrecy and speed with which SGPC is pursuing the appointment of the “Chief Secretary”, a non-existent post in SGPC Act, is matter of grave concern.

The towering Institution of Sikh Panth SGPC which was constituted for proper maintenance of Gurdwaras after many sacrifices by pulling these out from the usurpation of the Government Agents. Those days i.e., 1920-30 all the Sikh historical Gurdwaras in the Punjab of those days were situated in Punjab. The population of Sikhs was mostly limited to Punjab.

Today the area of Punjab having shrunk to the 18% of erstwhile Punjab and Sikhs too having immigrated to about 120 countries, one is wonderstruck as to what are the pressing circumstances while the SGPC itself is in an adhoc status they hastily have created a post offering sky rocking pay – packet foreseeing what benefit to the Panth.

Since it is also mentioned that Punjab Govt is behind this move is alarming. No Govt has any right or role to interfere any religious body. The haste smacks of the warning sounded by Mr Amitya Sen. Khalsa Colleges had already been handed over to the BJP office bearers.

The way it has been kept secret notwithstanding, it is coming to light. A sense of suspicion is natural. Whether this post is for some dormant benefit of the community or this can be a secret agenda of unprincipled political combine.

The unprecedented protest, demonstration by the SGPC’s employees and a letter by Akali Dal 1920 to the Govt of India has a follow up which to Hon’ble President of India, Minister of Home Affairs, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, The Secretary, Ministry of Home Affair has sort enquiry from SGPC by July 15, 2015. The case is already under consideration of the Department of Home Affair of Govt of India. These two additional facts further add to the anxiety of Panth’s well-wishers. It is not out of place to mention here that by opposing one Sikh candidate (from Amritsar itself), SGPC has already tarnished its supreme Sikh religious body image.

A famous economist Amitya Sen’s has indicating in his new book ‘Country of First Boy’ that the Indian society is being saffronzed. To safeguard against these activities of the majority, the minorities of India should put their heads together.

Being a well-wisher of the Panth I seek answer to my queries raised above.

Bhai Ashok Singh Bagrian
1557, Sector 36- Chandigarh
Mobile 09814095308.

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