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Sikh Federation of Australia (SFA) flays irresponsible role of Indian media

January 27, 2010 | By

Melbourne (January 27, 2010): The Sikh Federation of Australia has written to Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh to take urgent action against irresponsible Indian media who are creating sensation on the issue of attacks on Indian students in Australia.

The letter written by Jaspreet Singh, President Sikh Federation of Australia (Melbourne Unit), says, ” We,want to make the whole Punjab Government aware of the Irresponsible behavior of Indian Media and the outcome of their fake and provoking reports that are continuously telecasted on Radio, Television and Printed in Newspapers.

It further said, “These provoking reports falsely claim That There is an outbreak of riots against Indians and all the violence happening against Indian Students in Australia is racially motivated .They also show that the Student Life in Australia is Miserable which is not true”.

Jaspreet Singh said that the Local leaders in India are taking advantage of the Media reports are giving more air to this issue to increase their votes and fame. They are using sentiments of the Relatives of the so called “Victims of Racism” and making them to burn effigies and Flags of Australia.

The Following Points need to be urgently discussed and acted upon By Indian Government.

Irresponsible Indian Media:

The Indian Media is exaggerating the news of Attacks on Indian Students in Australia. They have stamped these all attacks as racially motivated. They are telecasting the news of these attacks without any confirmation of evidences which may prove these attacks to be Racist. The Australian Investigation Agencies and Police are investigating into these attacks and their results are still awaited.

These Media channels and Newspapers should declare these attacks as Racist after the confirmation of Evidences. They should only telecast the news of these attacks without labeling the Australian Government, the People or Authorities as Racist. The Indian Media is seeing its own Profits without keeping an eye on the ill-effects of these reports which can create a Rift in the Australian Multicultural Society. This type of exaggeration is creating mental tension among the relatives and Parents of the Students who are studying or living in Australia.

Apart from these incidents, Indian students are doing many law breaking activities which is giving a bad name to persons with Indian origin. The Media is not giving any coverage to these incidents. In recent Days, An Indian student has hit and run over 8 Months pregnant lady resulting in the miscarriage. In another case, An Indian student killed a Pedestrian and leaving other with serious injuries while drunk driving. He fled from Australia with fake documents. In such cases Indian Media never give their opinion which is much required.

Irresponsible Third Class Leaders:

In Indian Newspapers, We can see the Press releases and Statements of third class Leader claiming and labeling Australia as The Only Racist Country. The Leaders of the lower level are taking an advantage of the issue and giving statements on this issue.  These actions are making The Australians Citizens embarrassed and to think seriously of the false allegations that are being blamed on them. There are many Race-based organizations like Shiv Sena, who are doing high Level Racism in India which is well known worldwide. Despite being extremist, their head Bal Thakre is stating that If the attacks on Indian Students are not stopped, they won’t allow Australian Players to play in Indian Premier league. These types of Silly Statements can affect the Diplomatic, Economic and Sports relationship of both countries.

The Sikh Federation leader said that they were already getting the views of Australian people who are worried about the safety of the players. This can affect the future of International sports in India further affecting the chances of hosting international events like World Cups, Commonwealth games, Indian Premier League etc.

On the Basis of these points, further steps should be taken by Indian Government so that the relationship of both countries remains in harmony. We hope that Indian Government will take necessary steps to stop the irresponsible behavior of Media and leaders, hence stopping the disrespect being given to the Australian Nation.

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