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Sikh leaders seek intervention of United Nation to secure justice of ’84 Carnage Victims

November 12, 2009 | By

Ludhiana/New Delhi (November 12, 2009): Sikh leaders on 11 November, 2009 met Ms Shalini Dewan, Director, United Nations Information Centre at New Delhi for 15 minutes and urged the UN to intervene as India has denied justice to victims of Nov 1984 anti-Sikh carnage.

“We bring to you the agony and anxiety of the Sikh peoples who are revisiting the treacherous and painful times of the first week of November 1984, when 2, 733 Sikhs (official figures) were killed in Delhi alone and for whose families justice is still a far cry.” says the memorandum tendered to Ms Shalini Dewan.

The memorandum tendered by Sikhs leaders is addressed to Mr. Ban-ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. It further says that “A string of enquiry commissions and committees set up by the government of India, under pressure of civil society has been unable to uncover the truth and also prosecute the high and mighty conspirators and perpetrators.”

While explaining the issue to media S. Harcharanjit Singh Dhammi and S. Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa said that all possible forums of redress available in India have been exhausted by the victim families, civil liberties organizations and human rights lawyers.  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the diplomatic corps of many countries have urged India to act in the interest of justice, but nothing has been done. Less than 10 accused have been implicated and their sentence too has not been confirmed by higher courts.

It is notable that last week, in an unprecedented show of solidarity, on November 3, the whole of the state of Punjab shut its shutters in commemoration of 25 years of the anti-Sikh genocidal attacks that took place in more than 80 towns of the country in Nov 1984.

“Sikhs in Punjab, India and the Diaspora have cried hoarse, year after year, for the last 25 years, that such gross injustice should shame the rulers of the country, but to no avail.  As citizens of this planet, Sikhs have been left with no choice. Sikhs are citizens of India and India is a member of the United Nations. As India has failed to protect our rights, human dignity, distinct identity and even our bare existence, it is time for the parent body –United Nations to get involved.” said Justice Ajit Singh Bains (Retd.).

‘In keeping with the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims  that Member states have  pledged themselves to achieve, in cooperation with  the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms, we seek intervention of the UN.’ Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema and Bhai Mohkam Singh of Khalsa Action Committee informed SikhSiyasat Network.

“Throughout the last 25 years, despite the terrible track record in delivering justice to the victim families of November 1984, the United Nations has not adequately intervened. Today, more than ever before, we seek your intervention. Unless the United Nations intervenes, the rights of man, underlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would be seriously jeopardized. The Sikh nation looks up to you to recognize in letter and spirit, Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” says the memorandum.

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