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Sikh rights group, Sikhs for Justice, to honor police officer injurred in shoot out at Wisconsin Gurudwara

August 6, 2012 | By

Sikh for Justice, a US based Human Rights Advocacy Group, is pursuing Case of Sikh Genocide 1984 at international level.

Ludhiana (August 05, 2012): Praising the brave and timely action taken by the Police Officer who risked his/her life to defend Sikhs in a shoot out at Wisconsin Sikh Temple, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) a US based human rights advocacy group, announced a $10,000/- gallantry award for the officer.

SFJ while announcing the award for the super cop who saved many lives at Wisconsin shootout at Sikh temple stated that US claim to be savior of religious minorities across the world but has miserably failed to protect the religious minorities at home. Citing the hundreds of hate crimes perpetrated against Sikhs and other religious minorities since September 11, 2001, SFJ held Obama Administration responsible for failing to protect the religious minorities in the United Sates as no concrete steps have been taken for the protection of religious minorities.

SFJ announced to approach the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to suggest concrete measures to the Obama Administration for protection of religious minorities in the United States, which are integral part of the American society.

Emphasizing the need for special program to create awareness about religious minorities, attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun who practices civil rights in the United States and is legal advisor to advocacy group SFJ, stated that the attack on Sikhs in the United States is not due to mistaken identity as commonly portrayed but rather Sikhs are targeted for being Sikhs, a religious minority. While sympathizing and showing solidarity with the families of victims and the community at large, attorney Pannun stated that it is incumbent upon Obama Administration take concrete measures to prevent future hate crimes against Sikhs or any other religious minority. These attacks have cultivated deep sense of insecurity among the American Sikh community, added attorney Pannun.

SFJ announced to approach Sikh Gurudwaras across North America to create Trust Fund to prevent future hate crimes against Sikhs and to spread awareness about the principles of Sikhism.

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