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Sikh Youth of America calls for boycott of Conference being organised by Pashaura Singh

April 29, 2015 | By

New York, USA: Pashaura Singh, Dr, who is infamous for his anti-Sikh ‘thesis’, is going to organise a conference on “Living and Making Sikhi in the Diaspora: The Millennial Generation Comes of Age” on May 8-10, 2015.

Pashaura Singh [File Photo]

Pashaura Singh [File Photo]

Sikh Youth of America has called upon the Sikh masses to boycott the conference, given the anti-Sikh activities of Parshaura Singh.

A statement by the Sikh Youth of America reads as follows:

Dr. Pashara Singh initiated Biblical textual analysis into the study of Sikh Scripture. When his guide and mentor, W. Hew McLeod, failed to establish with the introduction of the manuscript: Bannu Bir, as an early draft of the to the Sikh Scripture, Dr. Singh became his flag carrier and introduced a dubious manuscript: MS #1245, conspiringly filling the gaps of the theory of early drafts supposedly used by Guru Arjan Dev Ji before compilation of the Adi Granth in 1604.

Dr. Singh completed his thesis in 1991: The text and the mean of Adi Granth. He tried to establish that Guru Arjan Dev Ji used Pothis: Harsahai, Goindwal, and MS #1245 to finalized Adi Granth in 1604, and floated the idea that the Guru used them to finalize the Adi Granth similar to the Biblical Texts. His motive was to challenge the originality, and authenticity of Guru Granth sahib, and to prove that it was not a revealed Bani. Established and renowned Sikh scholars gave a strong academic rebuttal to his hypothesis and challenged his research on basis of establishing the date of the Pothis, the arrangements of the hymns, the musical Rags and meters, and inclusion of the kachi Bani in them. He neither defended nor replied to the query of the established Sikh scholars. He was summoned to Akal Takhth in 1994, where he was declared Tnankhaia on admitting his mistake and promised to revise it, which the Panth is still waiting for. On the contrary in some recent publications, 2013 and 2014: New Direction in Sikh Studies, he is continuing to establish the textual draft theory by introducing some more Pothis: Vanjara, Bahowal and Bhai Rupa, which are dated, post 1604 and are null and void, since their date of penning, the included Kachi Bani, their musical arrangements, and other parameters also suggest that they were in the possession of heretics and were never used by Guru Arjan Dev Ji for compiling the Adi Granth.

Dr. Singh is a dishonest researcher, and an established renegade scholar who is misleading his peers, students and the members of the Sikh community under the umbrella of ‘Academic Freedom’. Therefore in the best interest of the Panth at large, Sikh Youth of America requests all Sikhs to boycott him and his seminars both public and private.

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