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SikhRI wishes warm, Guru-focused and reflective Vaisakhi

April 14, 2016 | By

– Sikh Research Institute

The entire Sikh Research Institute team wishes you a warm, Guru-focused and reflective Vaisakhi!

We remember and commemorate the momentous inauguration of the Khalsa Panth today and renew our commitment to the idea of collective living, laid on the foundation of individual divinity and awareness that manifests in the service of the humanity to bring social, political and economic equity.

The day has multi-cultural significance; it is celebrated as New Year in many parts of the south Asian subcontinent. It is also said to be the day when Gautam Budhha attained nirvana.

VaisakhiAs we enjoy the festivities and revel in the multitude of Panjabi cultural symbols – bhangra, music, food, colorful clothing – let’s also reflect on what the Guru possibly sought with the inauguration of the Khalsa.

Right from the beginning Guru’s message informed the consciousness of the people and transformed their perspectives towards thoughtful activism. A similar paradigm shift was effected on Vaisakhi too; a transformation of folk culture to the Divine culture, enthusiasm of festivities to inspiration, ambition to purposefulness.

Giving a fresh lease of life the Tenth Master shattered the taboos of previous identity and associated practices. Birth in the Khalsa siblinghood annihilated (nash) past beliefs (dharam), actions (karam), bondage of birth (janam) from caste origin, embarrassments (sharam) of non-prestigious professions, in a caste tied society, and of all doubts (bharam) through freedom from ritualistic and religious prejudices, with the new awakening of the Guru-consciousness in the person.

Today, when we celebrate Vaisakhi, it’s time to reflect and ask, where do we stand in our commitment to these ideals? Do we really measure up?

How can the one separated from the Beloved be patient in Vaisakh?…
Vaisakh seems pleasing if one meets the all-Pervading through the Guru.
– Guru Granth Sahib 133

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