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Sikhs for Justice declares to release English version Of ‘Sadda Haq” Worldwide

April 9, 2013 | By

New York, United States (April 9, 2013): Challenging the unconstitutional blanket ban on “Sadda Haq” by the Punjab SAD (Badal) Government, US based Sikh rights group declared to promote the movie and to sponsor the release of its English version worldwide. The theme of the movie highlights the human rights violations against a religious minority and exposes the system which grants impunity to the killers.

Since Punjab Government’s action amounts to curtailing freedom of speech and expression, SFJ announced to support the worldwide release of English version of “Sadda Haq” in November 2013. The ban on the movie is imposed on the grounds of creating “communal disharmony”, but actually the movie is a perfect example of “communal harmony” between the communities as the Producer is a Sikh while Director and financer is a Hindu.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) which is leading an international campaign to expose the Genocide of Sikhs have come forward in support of “Sadda Haq” and launched a US and Canada wide publicity campaign asking Sikh community to view the movie. The movie depicts how innocent Sikh Youths were labeled as militants and extra judicially eliminated during1990s and the subsequent culture of impunity towards those police officials who participated in fake encounters.

According to attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor to SFJ, the ban on the movie exposes the nefarious double standards of CM Badal’s politics who earlier supported the release of the same movie by the Film Censor Board but now banned the screening of the movie in the State of Punjab. If SAD (Badal) was not in power today, its activists would be holding a state-wide protest for the release of the movie, added Pannun.

CM Badal has a history of supporting only such Sikh issues that collide with the Central Government in order to show that Government of India is following anti Sikh policies and to gain the Sikh votes in the state of Punjab. CM Parkash Singh Badal has previously rejected Article 25 of the Indian Constitution, supported the struggle for independent Sikh state and currently supports the commutation of Balwant Singh Rajoana and Professor Bhullar’s death sentences.

On one hand, SAD (Badal) demands punishment to Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and Kamal Nath for their role in 1984 killing of Sikhs, while on the other hand SAD (Badal) gave prominent position to ex-police officer Izhar Alam notorious for leading “Alam Sena” to kill Sikhs in fake encounters. The present DGP of Punjab Sumedh Saini who is responsible for torture and death of Professor Bhullar’s father is enjoying fully support and protection of SAD (Badal) Government.

SFJ has also launched a Social Media campaign in support of the movie and “Sadda Haq Facebook Page” has already secured more than 100 thousand followers worldwide.

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