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Sikhs for Justice say Indian Minister Preneet Kaur lacks morality, credibility and respect

November 10, 2012 | By

Preneet Kaur – Congress MP (India)

Ludhiana, Punjab (November 09, 2102): It is learnt that Sikhs for Justice, a Human rights and advocacy group pursuing the campaign for international recognition for Sikh Genocide 1984, has written a letter to Indian Minister and Congress Party MP, Preneet Kaur in wake of her comments against Canadian Sikh Diaspora.

Recently, in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Preneet Kaur had urged Canada to guard the activities of Canadian Sikhs who favor exercise of right of self-determination for the Sikh nation in India. Preneet Kaur had reportedly accused the Canadian Sikh diaspora for being “extremist”.

Following is the text of letter a copy of which was sent by Sikhs for Justice to Sikh Siyasat News (SSN): 

Dear Ms. Preneet Kaur,

We have come to learn of the hypocritical statements that you made to the Prime Minister of Canada, Honorable Stephen Harper, on his recent state visit to India. Acting as a mouthpiece of India, your political masters may have thought it humorous to use a Sikh to attack Sikhs. Or perhaps they may have believed that because “your husband forcibly resigned from the government of India in 1984 as a sign of protest over the Indian’s decision to invade Harmandir Sahib, which Sikhs may hesitate to hold you accountable for your lies.” However, they would be wise to first assess your standing within the Sikh Nation.

It is clear to everyone that you lack all morals, credibility and respect.

As a woman born to a Sikh family, you know all too well the role played by your party, Congress I, in the 1984 Sikh Genocide. Many of the organizers of this genocide today hold senior positions in your party. Yet, your morals do not appear to be troubled by this unacceptable fact. It is shocking that today you seem to be concerned with anti-India rhetoric in Canada;”yet when in 1994 your husband, a former Chief Minister of Punjab, willfully signed the Amritsar Declaration (a document demanding the secession of Punjab) you had no concerns.”

You are also a witness to the genocidal killings that took place within Punjab from 1984 to 1996, yet today you shamefully represent the nation state responsible for those acts, India.

As your government has propagated time and time again, the indigenous people of Punjab wish for their lands to be governed by Indians. Those who advocate for the right to self-govern are a small fringe, mostly oversees in Canada with no supporters in Punjab. If this is the case, then why is your government so concerned with the actions of such a fringe group? Perhaps it may be because in reality the indigenous people of Punjab want their right to self-determination, but through the use and threat of violence your government has been able to subdue this just demand.

Newspapers have quoted you as saying, “[w]e have, after very hard times, got a good situation of peace and progress back in Punjab…” but you have failed to explain who in Punjab has this “good situation”. Yes the privileged families like that of Captain Amarinder (your family), Parkash Badal, and all others who are assisting the Indians in oppressing the indigenous peoples of Punjab’s demand for representative self-governance are today living in a “good situation”. However, this is not the case for the majority Punjabis. Today over 80% of our youth have been systematically exposed to narcotics by India. The Indians are stealing over 70% of our river water while poisonously polluting the remaining 30%. Their predator loans scam has devastated the average farmer in Punjab, so much so that one farmer commits suicide every 2.5 hours. This is in addition to the denial of religious freedoms and lack of justices for the victims of the 1984 Sikh Genocide and the Genocide of Punjab.

In closing, Ms. Preneet Kaur you do not represent Sikhs or Punjabi people; you only represent your own selfish interests.

Today it benefits you to be an attack dog for India, so you shamelessly attack your own brothers and sisters. In the past, when it benefited your family, they supported the demand for an independent Punjab resulting in your husband signing the Amritsar Declaration.

“Your disgraceful actions will go down in Sikh history and future generations will view you with the same contempt we view those who betrayed the Sikh Empire.”

Sikhs for Justice.

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