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Sikhs must follow Jews in the field of education: Baba Sewa Singh Khadur Sahib

April 10, 2013 | By

Reported by: Surjit Singh Gopipur

“If leaders of any nation are concerned about future of their people, the nation has bright future, but ironically this is not the case of Sikh nation whose leaders should learn something from Jews who were, at once, dying nation but overcome all that with unprecedented wisdom”, said Baba Sewa Singh Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib on the occasion of foundation stone laying ceremony of Bhai Bala Ji Hostel (Boys) held at Nishan-e-Sikhi here.

“Sikh nation has faced very critical circumstances during couple of past decades, but condition of Jews was more critical than that of Sikhs, when Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler impose huge atrocities on them more brutally. Population of Jews had been reduced very much. Then intellectuals and leaders of Jews got together and they decided to preach their religious teachings among Jews. Secondly they stressed on armed training to their youth. Thirdly, they asked their people to contribute financially (Daswandh) so that high level education facilities could be made available for the youth. Their continues efforts resulted Jews as a more influential group of people in modern world. Economy of United States of America is controlled by Jews and many Noble prizes have been won by Jews. Jew state Israel is considered as one of the most powerful state strategically in the world. In this way, they occupied a very significant place on globe. How Jews rose from death like condition, should be learnt by Sikhs and showing unity, they should promote education”, he added.

He thanked Sikh Diaspora for their contribution in various educational projects associated with Dera Kaar Sewa Khadur Sahib. It is notable that under the patronage of Baba Sewa Singh, the institution ‘Nishan-e-Sikhi’ is undertaking various welfare projects in the field of religion, education, environment conservation and sports etc.”

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