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Sikhs Need To Take Notice of Changed Geo-Political Situation of Region

November 24, 2019 | By


A discussion was held at Kisan Bhawan Chandigarh on 5th of November 2019 to mark the 35th anniversary of the Sikh genocide of November 1984. Speaking during this occasion Bhai Mandhir Singh said that the experience of past 35 years has proved that the Sikh youth were right to decide after November 1984 genocide to seek justice as per the Khalsa tradition as all other efforts to seek justice have proved futile.

He said that the Sikhs need to come out of victims’ mentality with regard to 1984 Sikh genocide. Victims’ mentality restricts the learning abilities and Sikhs need to turn the wounds of 1984 into Sun in order to learn lessons for the future.

He said that the narrative built around the victims’ mentality suits to those political parties of Punjab whose aim is to enjoy Subedari of Punjab under the Biparvadi Indian state. He said that as per the Khalsa tradition there is no scope for victims’ mentality or the politics of Subedari.

He dismissed the prevalent rhetoric about majority-minority calculations in the Indian continent and asserted that the region between Hindu-Kush to Kanyakumari is so diverse that there is no minority or majority in this region.

Even if we talk about the Indian subcontinent, then by leaving aside the Dravidian region where their local entities remain in power, in the rest of region there is no majority community. In the central region, he added, about forty percent are tribals and if we include Bahujans/Dalits and Muslims, the count goes to seventy percent. He added that these people are the oppressed section and not the oppressor. He added that the oppressor ruling class is actually a Biparvadi/Brahminical minority.

Bhai Mandhir Singh added that as per the Khalsa principles, it is the duty of the Khalsa to stand for justice with the oppressed sections and uproot the oppressors.

He dismissed the suggestions to form a front for vote politics in Punjab and said that Sikhs should understand the changed geo-political situation of the region. He said that the region of Punjab has become internationally significant and Sikhs should start thinking accordingly.

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