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Fed by Punjab Police & Musewala’s Song, AlJazeera, BBC Carry Fake Reports Vilifying COVID19 Victim Baldev Singh

A shameful vilifying campaign against Baldev Singh of Pathlava village and his family is joined by various Indian media outlets and international media outlets like AlJazeera and BBC. Both platforms have carried highly misleading reports vilifying Baldev Singh who was confirmed as COVID19 positive a day after his death on March 19.

Indian Security Forces Resorting To Torture In Kashmir Valley

It seems like the apprehensions made by various Human Rights organisations around the globe on the current grim and hostile situation in Kashmir have begun to manifest into reality.

Dal Khalsa UK writes to BBC’s Mark Strippel over Bobby Friction’s offensive comments

Jasvinder Singh of Dal Khalsa UK has written a letter to BBC's Mark Strippel regarding use of term 'Sikh Taliban' by BBC's Radio presenter Bobby Friction.

UK Sikhs demand immediate apology for irresponsible and offensive use of the term ‘Sikh Taliban’ by BBC Radio presenter Bobby Friction

BBC radio DJ and presenter Bobby Friction has offended Sikhs by using the term ‘Sikh Taliban’ on Twitter and failing to issue an apology. Instead he has tried to justify his use of the term, that he incredibly continues to describe as a ‘metaphor’.

BBC expresses regret over suggestive misconception regarding Sikh religion

London, England (May 17, 2012): As per a news report of "The Telegraph" "the BBC has expressed regret to Sikhs over comments on a radio discussion suggesting that their faith is “made up of other religions” such as Islam and Hinduism".