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Bengaluru Air Show Fire: 300 Vehicles Gutted; Cigarette Could Be Cause

As per reports emanating from Bengaluru nearly 300 vehicles have been destroyed in a massive fire at the parking lot of the venue of the air show in the city this afternoon. Officials say the cause of the fire could be a lit cigarette that was disposed on the grass in the open field.

Bengaluru Sikh Sangat Tells Karnatka Govt., Cinema Owners not to Screen Nanak Shah Fakir Film

As the date of release for the controversial film Nanak Shah Fakir is approaching the Sikh anger against the movie has begun to erupt form different places.

IIM Bangalore Students Oppose Move To Introduce Graduation Certificates In Hindi

As per the media reports the students of Indian Institute for Management (IIM) Bangalore are baffled that despite being a Kannada speaking state,

Gauri Lankesh Murder: Sketches Of Two Suspects Released, But Suspects Face Not Clear, Says Bengaluru Police

As per the media reports the Bengaluru police here on Saturday released the sketches of two suspects believed to be involved in the murder of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh