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Black List Issue

Not even blacklisted, Canadian Sikh not permitted to attend Father’s funeral

Patiala (24 June, 201): Despite the Central Government of India's claim to shorten the so-called blacklist of Sikhs living abroad, in order to restore their ability to visit Punjab, the controversy surrounding the issue does not seem to halt. The list is a cause of concern for Sikhs as it prevents many from the Sikh diaspora from visiting their families in Punjab.

Black List Review: Government playing political game with Sikhs: Panch Pardhani

Fatehgarh Sahib (July 19, 2010): Shiromani Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) has accused the Union and Punjab Governments for playing a political game with Sikhs on the issue of so-called “black list”.

‘My son is 2 years old, It’s ridiculous to suggest he is a terrorist’, Ranvir Singh Lali

Auckland NZ (January 15, 2010): As per a NZ Herald report a 2-year-old New Zealand boy and his Indian-born mother were barred from India and, on their return to Auckland, delayed for four hours and questioned after their names appeared on a terrorism blacklist.

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