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Controversy over Gandhi statues in US

MLK Center Gandhi Statue Protested During Indian Consulate Celebration

On May 5, 2019 several activists gathered to protest Mohandas Gandhi as the Indian Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia organized a 150th birth anniversary celebration of the iconic figure at his statue in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.

Protest surfaced during Gandhi Statue Unveiling Ceremony at California: OFMI

As he took the podium at Central Park in California’s City of Davis to unveil a statue of Hindu preacher Mohandas Gandhi, Mayor Robb Davis asked the bronze sculpture: “What are you, Mr. Gandhi?”

Ghana Plans World’s First Removal Gandhi Statue: OFMI

After over a decade of resistance to placement of Gandhi statues around the world began brewing in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2003, the University of Ghana is taking an historical step to remove a recently erected sculpture.

Demonstration for Truth on Gandhi

City Council in Irving, TX approves statue of Gandhi despite past protests

Irving, Texas (April 22, 2014): Two years ago, a life-size statue of Hindu religious icon Mohandas Gandhi was quietly approved for installation this October at Thomas Jefferson Park in Irving, TX, yet on Monday an association of Indian minorities sent a letter to the city council requesting they reconsider their decision, describing Gandhi as a “segregationist” who molested his grandnieces, was pen-pals with Adolf Hitler, and preached a doctrine of Hindu supremacism.

Civil rights icon Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Hindu saint Mohandas Gandhi can never be reconciled: Arundhati Roy

Sacramento, United States (March 08, 2014): Civil rights icon Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Hindu saint Mohandas Gandhi can never be reconciled with one another, declared Indian progressivist Arundhati Roy this first week of March, echoing claims which are prompting protests against Gandhi statues in North America and resulted in a conference last year at New York’s Columbia University to celebrate the centennial of Dr. Ambedkar’s arrival in America.

Demonstration for Truth on Gandhi

Gandhi Celebration cancelled as Fresno State Students March for Truth on Gandhi

Fresno, CA (October 09, 2013): According to a press statement sent to the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) by the Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI) October dawned to brewing controversy as California brims with protests against public celebration of Mohandas Gandhi. The latest is at Fresno State University (FSU) where an October 5 celebration planned in honor of the Indian politician's 144 birthday was cancelled when students responded by organizing a “March for Truth on Gandhi.”

Gandhi Statue

Wave of protests against Gandhi statues reaches Fresno on Gandhi’s 144 birthday

Fresno, CA (October 5, 2013): Controversy is anticipated at Fresno State Peace Garden on Saturday (October 05, 2013) morning with the announcement of plans by a human rights group to demonstrate for “truth on Gandhi” during a university-sponsored celebration of the iconic Indian leader’s 144th birthday.