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Dr. Jasvir Singh (Denmark)

Before Talks with Modi, Need to Know the Structures of Indian domination over Sikhs

Dr. Jasdev Rai’s letter about his talks with the Narendra Modi led Indian Government was published under ‘Letters to the Editor’ few days back. Dr. Jasvir Singh has responded to views expressed by Dr. Rai in that letter: Editor.

Cultural Trauma of 1984 and S. Ajmer Singh’s book ‘Ideological Encirclement of Sikhs”

Ajmer Singh’s recently published book ‘Ideological Encirclement of Sikhs” (i.e. Sikhan Di Sidhantik Gherabandi) is structured around the concepts of cultural trauma, collective memory and narrative.

Book Review: Ideological Encirclement of Sikhs after Massacre of 1984

Sikh author S. Ajmer Singh's fourth titled "Ideological Encirclement of Sikhs after Massacres of 1984" was release back in June this year. This was his fourth book under an ongoing book series (Vihvin Sadi Di Sikh Rajniti - Sikh Politics of 20th Century).