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England Riots 2011

Sangat TV’s coverage: British PM David Cameron hails Sangat TV’s efforts in House of Commons

London, UK (August 11, 2011): UK's Prime Minister David Cameron today hailed the contribution of Sangat TV, a Birmingham-based Sikh Television channel, in dealing with the riots.

Heoric live coverage of riots by Sangat TV brings praise

Birmingham, UK (August 11, 2011): Sangat TV, a Sikh television operated from Edgbaston, Birmingham, has been highly praised for their heroic reporting of the Birmingham riots using just the most minimal of equipment.

Sikhs stood guard to protect Gurudwaras from rioters in Southall

Southall, London (August 10, 2011): Following a series of violence, arson and rioting Sikh volunteered to stood as guards at various city Gurudwaras in Southall. As per reports as many as 200 to 300 Sikhs of mixed age groups gathered in various Gurudwaras across Southall to safeguard their place of worship from rioters.

Sangat TV covered live the Birmingham riots

Birmingham (August 09, 2011): Birmingham based Sikh TV channel, "Sangat TV" switched to live news coverage of the riots and unrest in Birmingham.