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Eric Holder

US to track hate crimes against Sikhs and 6 other groups

Washington, Untied States (August 04,2013): It is learnt that the US Justice Department announced it will begin tracking crimes committed against Sikhs and six other groups as hate crimes. An announcement in this regard came on August 02, 2013 - ahead of anniversary of the Oak Creek Sikh Gurdwara tragedy on August 05, 2013.

Eric Holder, US Attorney General

US Attorney General Eric Holder expresses support for Sikh hate crime tracking

New York, United States (May 20, 2013): According to a newsletter by the Sikh Coalition, the US Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at a Justice Department oversight hearing before the House Judiciary Committee in Congress on May 15, 2013 and publicly expressed support for adding Sikh, Hindu, and Arab-American categories to the FBI’s Hate Crime Incident Report (Form 1-699).