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Garga Chatterjee

The History of Genocidal Politics in the World and Indian Subcontinent: Dr. Garga Chatterjee

Speaking during aa Seminar on "Phenomena of Genocide" at Panjab University Chandigarh on November 15, 2018 Dr. Garga Chatterjee shared his views on the topic of “History Of Genocidal Politics In Sub Continent and the World’’.

Seminar Report: Scholars Discussed Various Aspects of Phenomenon of Genocide in Modern Era

Sath, a students’ group, organized a seminar on “Phenomenon of Genocide in Modern Era” at Zoology Auditorium in Punjab University campus in Chandigarh on 15 November 2018. The seminar was held in the memory of those victimized during the 1984 Sikh Genocide. In this seminar Dr Garga Chatterjee (Indian Statistical Institute), Sikh author Bhai Ajmer Singh and Parmjeet Singh (Editor, Sikh Siyasat News) presented their papers and shared their views.

Seminar on Phenomena of Genocide in Punjab University Chandigarh on November 15

Sath, a students group, is going to organize a seminar on "Phenomena of Genocide" in Punjab University Chandigarh on 15th of November. The seminar will be held in Zoology Auditorium at 3 PM.

Scholars, Politicians Shared Views About Need of ‘Federalism and Autonomy’ in Indian Peninsula

Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi Member Parliament led "Punjab Manch" yesterday yesterday held a political convention to discuss the issue of "Federalism and Autonomy" in Indian peninsula at Bhakna Bhawan, Sector 29 D Chandigarh.

Dr. Garga Chatterjee on Importance of Mother Languages at Punjabi University, Patiala [VIDEO]

Bhai Vir Singh (5 December, 1872 - 10 June, 1957) was a poet, scholar and theologian who was a major figure in the movement for the revival and renewal of Punjabi literary tradition.

How the new RBI bank-notes extend Hindi-Hindustani imperialism

Now there are numerals that Hindi people can read. Only Hindi people need to read the numbers in their own script apparently. Others cant do it in scripts of their mother tongue.

It’s Time For The Govt to Stop Spreading the Lie That Hindi is India’s ‘National Language’

Last month, the Union government celebrated Hindi pakhwara, or Hindi fortnight, a countrywide mandatory celebration of Hindi at government offices, Public Sector Undertakings, educational institutions and agencies like the Indian Space Research Organisation and National Brain Research Centre that lasted two weeks.

Re-Examining History: How India airbrushes its past to whitewash its present

by Garga Chatterjee* In the ever-growing pantheon of Indian nationalist freedom fighters, when there are no more so-called forgotten heroes to add to the list, ...

Linguistic Question in Bengal: The Part and The Present – Highlight of Dr. Garga Chatterjee’s speech

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a seminar on topic: “LANGUAGES OF THE SUB-CONTINENT AND THE PROCESS OF INDIAN NATION BUILDING” at Punjabi Bhawan.

The Linguistic Question In Bengal – The Past And The Present: by Dr. Garga Chatterjee

Dr. Garga Chatterjee (Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata), presented his paper on The Linguistic Question In Bengal : The Past And The Present.

Brief Report of Seminar by Samvad on “Languages of Sub-Continent and Process of Indian National Building”

A seminar on “Languages of Sub-Continent and Process of Indian National Building” was organised by Samvad, an organisation to held interaction on socio-political issues, at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana today...n

Samvad to hold Seminar on Languages of The Sub-Continent And The Process of Indian Nation Building on 24 July at Ludhaina

SAMVAD a forum with the aim of “Sarbat da Bhala” (Universal love and equality) and to form social coalitions to the aim for same, is going to organise a Seminar on the topic “LANGUAGES OF THE SUB-CONTINENT AND THE PROCESS OF INDIAN NATION BUILDING” on July 24th, 2016 at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana, Punjab.