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Ghar Vapsi

Hindu groups target Sehajdhari Sikhs in Punjab under controversial Ghar Vapsi campaign

With the Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Indian Parliament) passing a legislation barring Sehajdhari Sikhs from voting in the SGPC elections, Hindu groups target Sehajdhari Sikhs to convert to Hindu religion.

Hindtva group VHP continues with controversial “Ghar Vapsi”; 35 Christians re-joined Hindu fold

Hindutva body Vishav Hindu Parishad is continuing with it's controversial religious re/conversion programme called "Ghar Vapsi". Reports say that a group of 35 people "re-converted" to Hinduism on Sunday (February 15). Hindutva body maintained that those who reconverted to Hindusim today were Hindus belonging to Dalit families who had converted to Christianity a few generations back.