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Gurpreet Singh Dabrikhana

Farming Expert Gurpreet Singh Dabrikhana Advocates For Organic Farming in Punjab

Agriculture and Environment Awareness Centre marked United Nation's Nature Conservation Day on 28th of July 2021. A discussion for Soil and Water Conservation in Punjab was held at Ludhiana on this day. Speaking during this event, farming expert Gurpreet Singh Dabrikhana advocated for organic farming in Punjab. This is full video recording of speech of Gurpreet Singh Dabrikhana.

Punjab Farmers Will Have to Make Efforts to Free Themselves From the Clinches of Chemical Farming

Gurpreet Singh Dabrikhana holds more than fifteen years experience in organic farming. He trains farmers for chemical free organic farming. A team of Agriculture and Environment Centre during Jal Chetna Yatra to learn about his experience.