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Mohali Incident

Desecration of Turban: Statements of Jagjeet Singh (Victim), Pritam Singh (S.P.-D.) and Kulbhushan Sharma (S.H.O.)

Chandigarh, PUNJAB (April 13, 2011): Advocate Navkiran Singh has provided English translation of Statements of Mohali (28 March, 2011) incident victim S. Jagjeet Singh and both accused police officers. (Download a copy of F.I.R.)

YouTube video is “exaggerated” version of incident, claim accused police officers

Chandigarh, PUNJAB (April 10, 2011): Punjab Police has registered F.I.R No. 26 (dated April 06, 2011) at police station SAS Nagar, Phase 8 regarding an incident (dated: March 28, 2011), in which Dastar (turban) of a Sikh was deliberately removed by SHO Kulbhushan Sharma, at the instance of his senior S.P. (D) Pritam Singh. Both accused police officers are charged with blasphemy (Section 295A of Indian Penal Code, 1860), and the matter has been referred to P. S. Gill, I.G. (Patiala range). I.G. is to complete investigations and submit the report with in three months.