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“1984 , When The Sun Didn’t Rise” Documentary to be Screened in UK from 7 Feb. to 14 March

Special  screening of a documentary titled "1984, When the sun didn't rise" will be held at multiple venues across the city of London from 7th February

Kartarpuri – Exploring Sikh activism through Film, Art and Discussion by NSYF UK

National Sikh Youth Federation, a UK based Sikh youth group, has announced to hold an event titled: "Kartarpuri: Exploring Sikh activism through Film, Art and Discussion" on October 24 at Paul Robeson Theatre, High St., Hounslow.

1984: Memories & Activism – Webinar by NSYF on June 15

London, United Kingdom (June 05, 2013): As Sikhs all over the world gather in remembrance of the Darbar Sahib invasion of 1984, the National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) will be delivering a Liv-Webinar which will offer an overview of why and how the events of 1984 transpired in the way that they did.

A Candle in the Dark – An Exhibition of Sikh History by National Sikh Youth Federation (UK)

London, UK (November 04, 2012): In a press statement the National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF), a UK based Sikh youth body, has revealed it's plans to hold an exhibition on various places in the UK. This is the first exhibition of this nature, curated by a team of professionals, which has been developed within the Sikh community.

NSFY to launch Sikh history exhibition to commemorate Sikh Genocide 1984 & raise awareness about human rights

This exhibition will showcase how, in the context of Sikh history, Guru Nanak’s mission to build a truly utopian society encountered violent opposition. “The exhibition would be a journey through the challenges faced by Sikhs from the beginnings of the Sikh Way, right up to the shocking events of recent Sikh history, the Genocide of November 1984”

The vilification of Sikhs

During the recent events surrounding retired Lt.Gen K.S. Brar, there has been hysterical reporting by certain sections of the Indian media. While the Indian media is not exactly a paragon of impartiality and balanced reporting, the recent coverage has left most readers we have spoken to in disbelief. It varies from misreporting and hysteria, to publishing material that is simply false.

Campaign #10DaysofTerror by National Sikh Youth Federation, UK attracting audiance through social media

London, UK (June 04, 2012): The Sikhs in the UK is once again preparing to mark the anniversary of the June 1984 Indian army invasion of their holiest place of worship. Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple located in Amritsar, was invaded in an unprecedented Indian army action against the civilian population that resulted in massive casualties and wide spread human rights violations.