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Panch Pardhani UK

Sikh Diaspora: Holla Mohalla Celebrated in Leicester [Special Report]

The Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla was celebrated by the Sikh Education Council this month with a chess tournament and screening of documentary ‘1984, when the sun didn’t rise’.

Document on Sikh Diaspora Activism and Sikh Struggle released by UK based Sikh body

Panch Pardhani UK, a UK based Sikh diaspora group, today released a document to explain its vision regarding Sikh diaspora activism at present juncture of the Sikh struggle for freedom.

Panch Pardhani UK seeks India wide probe into fake encounters

Panch Pardhani UK, a UK based Sikh body, has welcomed the CBI court verdict in Pilibhit fake encounter case in which 11 Sikhs were killed in cold blood by Uttar Pradesh police in 1991.