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Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob Memorial Event 2018

Khalis Kudrat & Akaal Fateh – Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Explains Philosophical Concepts Introduced by Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob

Dr. Kanwaljeet Singh explained philosophical concepts of Akaal Fateh and Khalis Kudrat that were introduced by Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob in his work titled Sehje Racheo Khalsa.

Leftist Cultural Sabotage in Punjab Has Made Punjab Intellectually Irrelevant: Prof. Kulwant Singh Grewal

Speaking on this occasion Prof. Kulwant Singh Grewal said that the leftist cultural sabotage in Punjab has made Punjab intellectually irrelevant. Therefore, he said, the vision presented by the Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob has become even more important for Punjab.

Insights About Panthic Politics in Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob’s Work: Speech of Bhai Ajmer Singh

Samvad, a discussion forum, held a memorial event in the memory of poet and Sikh visionary Prof. Harinder Singh Mehboob on October 2, 2018 at Village Jhoonda, Near Amargarh, in Sangrur District of Punjab.