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Sanjay Suri

Story of Hindu Journalist who went to Sant Bhindranwale’s House on 6 June 1984

On 6 June 1984, the day when Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale attainted martyrdom, a Hindu journalist named Sanjay Suri went to Sant Bhindranwale’s home in village Rode in Moga district of Punjab.

Three thousand murders and no justice. Is this not betrayal? Sanjay Suri

Sanjay Suri, a journalist, has recently written his memories about the November 1984 killings of innocent Sikhs in Delhi after the assassination of the then Indian PM Indira Gandhi. An English vernacular, Indian Express, has published excerpts of Interview with Sanjay Suri.

Top cops discouraged action against killers during 1984 Sikh massacre: Sanjay Suri’s Book

New Delhi: Top police officers who undertook rare deterrent action against the killings on the streets of Delhi following the assassination of then prime minister ...

1984 Sikh massacre: Who asked the police not to intervene, and why? [Excerpts from Sanjay Suri’s book] has reproduced some excerpts from Sanjay Suri's book: "1984 - The Anti Sikh Violence and After". The excerpts, in verbatim, are being reproduced here for the information of readers/ visitors of the Sikh Siyasat News.