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Sikander Maluka

Ahead of Punjab Polls Politicians of AAP, Congress, Badal-BJP line up before Deras

Ahead of the state assembly elections, leaders from all major parties in Punjab are lining up before deras, including Dera Sauda Sirsa (DSS) to seek votes of dera followers.

Accommodated by Minister Sikander Maluka Hinduva Elements who Distort Sikh Ardas

Punjab's controversial minister Sikander Maluka is again at the centre of another controversy. Sikandar Maluka reportedly accommodated Hindutva elements during the opening of a regional office of Shiroamani Akali Dal (Badal) at Rampura Phul few days- where the Sikh Ardas was distorted after reciting hymns from Hindutva mythological epic Ramayana.