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Sikh 100

Parkash Singh Badal (L), Manmohan Singh (C) and Sukhbir Badal (R)

Incidental Power (a reflection on “Sikh 100” by Harwinder Singh Mander)

Few days back the Sikh Directory UK released a list of 100 ‘powerful’ Sikhs. Harwinder Singh Mander, a frequent blogger with Naujawani.Com has discussed various aspects of the list, and its release, in his recent blog write-up titled “Incidental Power”.

“Sikh 100” terms Indian PM as most powerful Sikhs; Announcement invokes bitter criticism; It’s like a ‘joke’, says Dal Khalsa

London/ Ludhiana, UK/ Punjab (November 11, 2013): It is learnt that the first edition of the annual 'Sikh 100' published in London by the Sikh Directory (UK) has ranked Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the World's most powerful, influential and contemporary Sikh.