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Sikh Coaliiton

Sikhs in USA to Observe Oak Creek Shooting Anniversary as ‘Day Of Sewa’

As per the press release issued  by America based Sikh body the Sikh Coalition the incidence of Wisconsin Shooting which took place on August 5th 2012

USA: Sikh Servicemen Allowed To Wear Dastaar In The U.S Army

As per the report emanating in the local media , the U.S. Army issued updated rules governing religious liberty that significantly remove the hurdles for Sikhs who seek to serve in the armed forces of their country

Sikh Colatition Launches Sikh awareness video in Central California

The Sikh Coalition has launched a new Sikh Awareness education video in California. Created in collaboration with the Fresno County Office of Education, the video will be offered as a resource to theUS’s 32 school districts – representing over 200,000 students. This educational video is the first of it's kind in the United States.

Vaisakhi marked at Pentagon; Seva highlighted

For the second consecutive year, the Office of the Pentagon Chaplain commemorated Vaisakhi in a 400-seat auditorium last Friday. Guests included congressional staffers, military officials, service members, interfaith leaders, and nearly 200 sangat members from across the country.