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Sikh Farmers Evicted from Haryana

Evicted Sikh farmers in Haryana to boycott polls

Evicted from their land and facing continued hostility from the village panchayat, hundreds of Sikh families living in Kupian Palt, near Pehowa, in Haryana’s Kurukshetra district have decided to boycott the election on April 10.

Haryana extends land leases of ‘migrant’ Sikh farmers

Chandigarh/ Haryana (September 12, 2013): According to certain media reports the Haryana government on Wednesday (September 11, 2013) announced extension of lease of agricultural land to about 3500 Sikh 'migrant' families, allotted to them in 1953, in a bid to win the confidence of Sikh community in the state.

Evicted Sikh farmers of Haryana, facing hostility of administration & panchayat, struggling to survive

Karah Sahib/ Pehowa, Haryana (August 19, 2013): “Evicted from their lands, hounded by the administration, facing hostility from the village panchayat and completely dependent on the local gurdwara for food, 150 Sikh families living near Pehowa in Haryana’s Kurukshetra district are struggling to survive. They were evicted from the lands they cultivated for six decades after a protracted legal battle”, reads a The Tribune news report.