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Sikh Federation (Germany)

Joint Statement by Various International Panthic Organizations

Since 1699, the Khalsa’s sangarsh (struggle) has always been an exercise of the patshahi bestowed upon the Khalsa to destroy the tyrants and protect the weak, and establish a just society-polity based on sanjhivalta (equality/co-existence). Since June 4, 1984, the ongoing struggle for the establishment of Khalistan is the contemporary legacy of Guru Sahib’s vision to establish a sovereign halemi raj (humble/just polity) rooted in sarbat da bhala (welfare of all of Akaal’s creation).

Germany Sikh bodies jointly appeal for 1984yesitsgenocide petition

Mannheim, Germany (October 20, 2013): It is learnt that various Sikh bodies of Germany have issued an appeal to join the 1984yesitsgenocide campaign initiated by US based human rights and advocacy group “Sikhs for Justice” (SFJ). SFJ has opened a petition for online signatures that shall be submitted to a United Nations’ body on 1 November.