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Sikh International Film Festival

Stage Being Set For The 1st Sikh International Short Film Festival

A press conference was organized to promote and endorse the 1st Sikh International Short Film Festival Australia (SISFFA) was held at the Atomic Restaurant in Williamstown, Melbourne

Lord Indarjit Singh declines invitation to NY Sikh International Film Festival

This festive event coincides with the anniversary of the government planned systematic slaughter and rape of thousands of Sikhs throughout the length and breadth of India following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, commencing with Rajiv Gandhi's broadcast incitement of "khoon ka badla khoon" - "Exact blood for blood".

SJF calls for boycotting film festival honoring Indian representatives

New York (October 28, 2012): According to a statement released by “Sikhs for Justice”, a US based human rights group, on November 2, 2012 The Sikh Art and Film Foundation is going to honor the Ambassador of India to the United States, Ms. Nirupama Rao as the Chief Guest at the 2012 Sikh Heritage Awards Gala in New York.

Canadian Sikh Coalition urges NY Sikh Arts and Film Festival to boycott Indian dignitaries

Vancouver, Canada (October 19, 2012): According to a Press Statement by the Canadian Sikh Coalition (CSC) the Sikhs around the world will gather in November to pay homage to all the innocent men, women and children who lost their lives during the state sanctioned genocide 28 years ago.

Indian Government representatives at Sikh Events

One of the highlights of fall in NYC is the Sikh Arts and Film Festival which showcases the story of our community via films and is being held November 2-3, 2012. Along with that is a Heritage Gala which is being held November 3, 2012 “to celebrate the rich heritage, culture and traditions of the Sikhs.”