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Sikh Channel rapped by Ofcom on complaint of two viewers

London, UK (October 26, 2011): As per a BIZASIA.CO.UK news (dated October 24, 2011), the Sikh Channel has been rapped by Ofcom after two viewers complained about a programme, objecting to the manner in which it had referred to the Hindu community.

SikhSiyasat’s Multimedia Website resumed working

Ludhiana (December 17, 2009): SikhSiyasat Network’s Multimedia website (url: www.SikhSiyasat.Com) resumed working today, after weeks long maintenance. Website that now appears in an updated outlook is online now but full multimedia contents of the site are to be restored yet.

SikhSiyasat Network launched its’ Punjabi News Website

Ludhiana (November 29, 2009): The SikhSiyasat Network has launched its’ Punjabi News Website titled “Punjab News Network” (url: today.