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Sirdar Kapur Singh

Betrayal of the Sikhs (Address to Indian parliament by S. Kapur Singh)

Sikh Siyasat News is reproducing in following lines the text of historic speech by Sirdar Kapur Singh in Indian Parliament on September 6, 1966. In this speech the National Professor of Sikhism had documented the fact of betrayal of Sikhs by the Indian State.

Theo-political status of Darbar sahib [Article by Sirdar Kapur Singh]

[...] These are the four socio-political doctrines, which are implicit in the Sikh way of life, and it is these doctrines which impel a Sikh and the Sikhs to abhor personal rule or group domination. [...]

Sikh leaders & intellectuals lauded role of political thinker/ ideologue Sirdar Kapur Singh

Amritsar, Punjab (March 02, 2014): Reminiscing the role and contribution of political thinker and ideologue Sirdar Kapur Singh, Sikh seminary and political groups touched upon various facets of the life and times of Sirdar Kapur Singh. The occasion was 105th birth anniversary of the former ICS and Sikh stalwart.