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Nothing Like Threat Was Said To Amarinder Singh At Surrey Nagar Kirtan: SFJ

Responding to the unnecessary hype created by Indian media in which it has claimed that Punjab CM Amarinder Singh was threatened at Surrey Nagar Kirtan (Khalsa Day parade) on 22nd April,

Ruins of Sikh Village Hondh Chillar, Haryana that was totally destroyed during Sikh Genocide 1984.

“Visit the mass grave site at Hondh-Chillar” – Survivors of 1984 Gencoide to Justice Garg

Chandigarh (June 22, 2012): The Survivors of Hondh Chillar demanded that Justice T.P Garg should visit the ruins of Hondh Chillar genocidal site. Justice TP Garg is heading the one man Commission set up the by State of Haryana on March 05, 2011 in response to the discovery of Mass Grave in village Hondh-Chillar, District Rewari wherein several dozen Sikhs were killed and their properties were burnt in November 1984.