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Sri Anandpur Sahib

Method of Personality Selection of The Guru Khalsa Panth

Keeping in view the tradition of mutual discussion of the Guru Khalsa Panth, a discussion was held at Sri Amritsar Sahib on the occasion of Bandi Chhod Divas and Guru Granth-Guru Panth Guriai Day on 21 October 2022,

Who are the eligible to manage Takhat Sahiban?

Panthic personalities called a discussion of youth at Sri Anandpur Sahib. Representatives of youth groups active in the service of Punjab and Panth participated in this discussion. Bhai Mandhir Singh gave his views in the discussion and said that the Sikh parties should scrutinize the actions they have done in the way of hundred years of vote politics, the signs they have received and should consider which method of panthic tradition was correct