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Sukhdeep Singh Barnala

The Other Side of Freedom – A Documentary by Sukhdeep Singh Barnala [EPISODE 1]

The Other Side of Freedom documentary has five episodes and first episode of the documentary was released on Rising Punjab’s YouTube channel on August 5, said Sukhdeep Singh who originally hails from Barnala in Punjab.

Canada based director to release “The Other Side of Freedom” documentary on 1947 partition

A Canada based poet/writer cum documentary make Sukhdeep Singh Barnala has announced to release a documentary titled "ਅਜ਼ਾਦੀ ਦੇ ਓਹਲੇ" ("The Other Side of Freedom") this August.

Five Rivers – A Documentary presentation on Punjab’s River Waters Issue by Sukhdeep Singh Barnala

Five Rivers is a documentary presentation by Sukhdeep Singh Barnala on Punjab's River Water issue. The documentary was released on YouTube Channel of JangNama on March 21, 2016.