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Human Rights Issues Discussed at US Congressional Briefing

Major concerns relating violations of the basic human rights around the world including in India were expressed at the special US Congressional Briefing held in Washington on November 16.

Nepal Tragedy: Medical Aid Provided to a Thousand People in a Week and a School Set Up for Kids by United Sikhs

Nepal is still reeling from the earthquake that devastated the historical country on 25 April, killing more than 7,800 and displacing thousands more. Two weeks after the earthquake occurred, Nepali families who live in remote villages are still not receiving the aid which they should be.

Texas: Two gunmen shot dead at Prophet Mohammad cartoon contest

A controversial cartoon contest in Texas witnessed gun-violence. As per media reports two armed men who opened fire on a security officer outside of a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammad were killed by the police.

Gujarati woman shot dead in US in attempted robbery

A Gujarati woman was reportedly shot in South Carolina in an attempted armed theft. The victim, Mradulaben Patel was the co-owner and clerk of a store at a gas station in Powdersville, reportedly succumbed to her injuries.

SFJ lawsuit demands “terrorist” tag for RSS; US govt. want case be dropped

A United States (US) based human rights and advocacy group Sikhs for Justice has moved a lawsuit in a US federal court demanding "terrorist" tag for Hindutva fountain-head Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). However, the United States' government is against any such move and it has the court to dismiss the lawsuit filed against Secretary of State John Kerry by a SFJ.

Sikhs of Connecticut running Vasakhi Campaign

The Vaisakhi campaign was run by "Sikh Sewak Society International" all over CT mainly focused in Norwich and Newlondon County area in which they rented bus shelters locations by Lamar Company to educate fellow Americans about Sikhism and Vasakhi.

AS FBI recognizes Sikhs for Hate crime tracking, Sikh Coalition moves to Focus on Training and Prevention

As the FBI has officially recognizes Anti-Sikh hate crimes, the Sikh Coalition today announced to continue to prioritize improvements to law enforcement training. In the past, when crimes were committed against Sikhs because of their identity, local law enforcement officials sometimes failed to investigate or charge these incidents as hate crimes due to ignorance about Sikh religious practices.

Cook County State’s Attorney pledges to fight hate crimes against suburban Sikhs

Recent incidents and reports released by Civil rights bodies show that Sikhs are facing racial abuse in United States of America. A recent video showing classmates taunting a Sikh student on a Georgia school bus -- one of them calling the student a "terrorist" -- and the 2012 shooting at a Sikh Gurdwara Sahib in Wisconsin that left six dead have highlighted the problem of hate crimes against the Sikh community.

Dental student from Ropar (Punjab) found dead in California (USA)

A 37-year-old Punjabi woman dental student has been found dead in Albany, the US city's first homicide victim since 2004, officials reportedly said on Wednesday.

White House Responds to SFJ Petition on Religious Freedom in India

During his recent trip to India, the President discussed the importance of religious freedom and tolerance in India on January 27 during his speech at Siri Fort in New Delhi. President Obama underscored that India's success depended on the nation not being "splintered along the lines of religious faith."

US, UK Spy agencies hacked into mobile giant, reports

There are reports that Britain’s electronic spying agency, in co-operation with the US National Security Agency, hacked into the networks of a Dutch company to steal codes that allow both governments to seamlessly eavesdrop on mobile phones worldwide. The reports are said to be based on documents given to journalists by former NSA employee and "privacy whistle-blower" Edward Snowden.

USA: Man indicted for attempted murder and felony assault hate crimes on a Sikh in New York

New York: A Long Island man was indicted on hate crime charges Wednesday (Feb. 19), for allegedly calling a Sikh man “Osama” in Queens and running him over.

Hindu Temple vandalised in Washington (USA)

A Hindu temple was reportedly vandalized in US state of Washington with hate message and swastika spray-painted on its wall. The latest incident occurred ahead of Hindu festival named Maha Shivaratri. There has been strong to the incident reactions in India.

Complaint against US President Obama in UP court for ‘defaming’ India on ‘religious intolrance’ issue

A complaint has reportedly been filed in a local court against US President Barack Obama for allegedly “tarnishing India’s secular image” in his statements.

USA: New York court to hear Sikhs for Justice lawsuit against RSS in April

A New York based US Federal court has fixed April 24 as the date for holding pre-trial hearing in the lawsuit seeking declaration identifying Hindutva fountainhead Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a "terrorist organisation".

US president Barack Obama rightly warned Indian state on religious freedom, say Sikh bodies

The American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC) welcomed US President Barack Obama’s statement on Article 25 of the Indian Constitution that gave freedom of faith and right to propagate one’s religion.

Most Americans know little about Sikhs and Sikhism, revels new study

Most Americans know little or nothing about Sikhs, a new survey shows. The survey, commissioned by a nonprofit seeking to build positive images of U.S. Sikhism, found that 60 percent of non-Asian-Americans said they had no knowledge of Sikhs. Eleven percent said they were close friends with a Sikh person, and 31 percent said they had never interacted with a Sikh.

How Americans view Sikhs? explains newly released report

Regularly subjected to discrimination and occasionally even the targets of hate crimes, Sikhs number between 200,000 and 500,000 in the U.S., according to AP. There are an estimated 25 million Sikhs worldwide, making their tradition one of the largest organized religions on the globe.

Amnesty want Indian Govt. to raise Bhopal gas issue with US president Barack Obama

Ahead of the keenly-watched India visit of Barack Obama, International Human Rights group Amnesty International yesterday (on Jan. 22) asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise the issue of Bhopal gas tragedy during his meeting with the US President in India.

USA: South Asian minorities protest against Ami Bera’s plans to visit India with Barack Obama

Just two weeks after being sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives for a sophomore term, U.S. Congressman Ami Bera announced plans to travel to India with President Obama to meet controversial Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in spite of a contentious reelection campaign focused on Bera’s dismissal of human rights issues in India and intimacy with the genocide-accused premier.

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