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Violence against religious Minorities

Yogi Adityanath Lead UP Govt Initiate Process To Withdraw 131 Cases Related To Muzaffarnagar Violence

The old saying 'history repeat itself' can be perfectly used for current scenario in the Uttar Pradesh politics as Yogi Adiyanath lead BJP government of UP is all set to

Woman Who Filed Petition Against ‘Triple Talaq’ In SCI, Joins BJP

As per the media reports a women named Ishrat Jahan who is believed to be the petitioner in the triple talaq case, on Saturday  joined the BJP

Minorities In India Feeling Insecure, Suffocated & Unequal Citizens, Says Univ Scholars

As per the media reports in a two-day seminar organised at the Institute of Sikh Studies (IOSS) various from Delhi, Panjab and Punjab's varsities

Framed & Tortured By Cops, After 11 Years Of Agony Half Baked Justice Delivered

"Police arrest people on the basis of doubts, but it is the media that is responsible for turning them into terrorists. Police, at the maximum, would call them a terrorist

Insecure Minorities Are Facing Their Worst Time In Intolerant India, Says Dal Khalsa

The pro-freedom group of the Sikhs here today while citing the remarks of former Indian  Vice-President Hamid Ansari that minorities in India

Hindutva: Muslim Youth Slapped By Bajarang Dal Activist For Not Chanting Slogan For ‘Bharat Mata’ In Haryana

The situation in Hisar became tense after a group of pro-hindutva activists affiliated with Bajarang Dal

Man Assaulted, His House Burned Down After Dead Cow Was Found Outside His House In Jharkhand

In yet another incidence related to mob violence, Usman Ansari a native of Jharkhand was here on Tuesday beaten up and part of his house set on fire by a mob

Sikhs & Kashmiri Protest Jointly Against Indian PM Modi’s Visit To White House

As per the media reports emanating from USA the diaspora Sikh and Kashmiri protesters  waved black flags and chanted slogans against India s Prime

“Hindutva Means Nothing But A Sociopolitical Structure Of The Society Based On Caste & Varna” Warns Dr Manisha Bangar

“Guru Gobind Singh and other Gurus were able to bring about the Sikh Revolution by associating with Shudras and Ati-Shudras and by disassociating from upper Varnas

Rajasthan Police Assisted The Mob On Where to Beat Us, Says Sikh Victims

Two days after a video showing Sikhs being manhandled and thrashed by a mob in Rajasthan that when viral on the internet and was widely shared on the social

Continuing violence against religious minorities – India on US watch list

New York (May 4, 2011): India is placed on the Watch List of U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) for continuous incidents of religious violence and impunity from such violence. The USCIRF Report for 2011 places India on Watch List “because justice for past communal violence continues to be slow and ineffective.