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Video of Sarabjit’s confession for 5 blasts in Pakistan appear on YouTube

May 5, 2013 | By

Chandigarh/Amritsar, Punjab (May 05, 2013): After yesterday’s disclosure as regards slain Indian spy Sarabjit Singh’s deployment to Pakistan by Raw, there are more exposures in this regard.

A news clip from “Express News” has appeared on YouTube which carries a footage of Sarabjit Singh’s (so-claimed) confession.

A still shot from so-claimed video of Sarabjit’s Confession

1 minute 37 seconds long video is uploaded on YouTube by a user “onlinetvchannel1” on May 02, 2013. It is learnt that the video is being distributed by various users on social networking sites like Facebook.

The news clip video begins with details of 18 May, 1990 blast in Lahore. Some eyewitness’ accounts to the blasts have also been shown in this video clip.

This video carries approximately 12 seconds long clip from a video in which a persons, whose appearance is akin to the appearance of Sarabjit Singh as shown in his images in circulation over media and TV, informs that he triggered 5 blasts in Pakistan.

This short video clip carries a text “Sarabjit’s Confession” on the right side of man appearing in the video.

In this clip Sarabjit Singh says: “Pakistan de vich main panj dhamake kite, jehre ke, ek Dilli gate Lahore de vich, Ek Bhati gate Lahore, Ek Multan ton Faislabad ja rahi bus de vich …”, (I triggered five balsts in Pakistan, thai is, one at Dilli gate Lahore, one at Bhati gate Lahore, one on a Bus going to Faislabad from Multan…).

This news clip video by Express News informs that Sarabjit was sentenced to death on eight counts by a trial court in Pakistan.

It is notable that Sarabjit Singh’s family had been claiming that he drunkenly crossed the Indo-Pak border, and was framed by Pakistani authorities in blasts case. Even Indian authorities and media had also been endorsing this claim.

But a news report by Hindustan Times (HT) has revealed that Sarabjit Singh, an Indian spy who suffered a fatal attack by jail inmates in Pakistan, had gone to Pakistan for an operation managed by a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official who later became the intelligence agency’s chief as well.

According a front page news published by HT in it’s Chandgiarh edition on May 04, 2013: [“Sarabjit managed to accomplish the task given to him but was caught while trying to flee,” said an officer. A former intelligence official, who dealt with Sarabjit’s case, said the operation executed by Sarabjit didn’t serve any tactical purpose but still the agency had executed many such missions in Pakistan in the early and mid1990s].

[“Some of the operations executed by the RAW during the period were totally mindless. Spies such as Sarabjit and their families have paid a huge cost for it. Sometimes, the agency officials executed operations out of personal bravado that they can get ‘something’ done in Pakistan,” the official said], the news reads further.

Sarabjit’s death sentence was commuted by President of Pakistan in May 2013. On April 26, 2013 Sarabjit Singh was brutally attacked by some jail inmates and he died on May 02, 2013. On May 03, 2013 he was cremated at Bhikhiwind (Punjab) with state-honour.

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