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When it comes to Sikhs Indian state and Media tries to kill a fly with a hammer: Simranjeet Singh Mann

June 11, 2015 | By

Fatehgarh Sahib/ Chandigarh: Former MP and president of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar (Mann) has written a letter to the Editor of The Tribune, making out a comment on newspaper’s editorial on 6 June, 2015.

Simranjeet Singh mann addressing Delegate Izlas at Amritsar (1)The Letter reads as follows:


S. Simranjeet Singh Mann’s letter to the Editor of The Tribune:

6th June 2015


The editor
The Tribune,


Please refer to your editorial fated 6th June 2015 entitled “avoidable flare-up in Jammu”. The SAD (A) appreciates that what you have written about a killing of a Sikh youth by the Indian Security Forces in Jammu. However, our party wonders why your esteemed newspaper, in the end always games the Sikh’s organizations up-headed extremism. On the other hand when the Kashmiri’s youth waive Pakistani flags and the Chinese troops enter Indian territory or when while President Xi of China is on a visit to India and Chinese troops or when Prime Minister Modi is on a visit to China in the Chinese obliterate Jammu & Kashmir and Arunnachal from the Indian Map, why the Indian state does not react and becomes totally numbs?

But when the Sikh’s becomes the victims of the Indian state’s barbaric methods, then while showing them sympathy, at the ten times they are put in the dock. This is unfortunate. It is because Islamic Pakistan and Communist China are sovereign nuclear powers against whom the Indian State does not react but the Sikh’s who are a stateless people the Indian state and its journalism reacts strongly and tries to kill a fly with a sledge hammer?

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

Simranjit Singh Mann,


Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

Editorial, The Tribune – 6 June, 2015:

Avoidable flare-up in Jammu

Vigilance and restraint on Operation Bluestar day

It is a surprise that in Jammu and Kashmir, where the police and security forces are expected to be far more tolerant to provocations and trained in crowd management, the authorities made such a heavy weather of handling a minor protest by a handful of people. It is a pity that the police still shoot to kill protesters. Stone-throwing is not such a difficult situation to handle. After failing to assess the gravity of the situation in advance and making preventive arrests of likely trouble-makers for maintaining the peace the Jammu and Kashmir administration over-reacted, opening fire on mostly unarmed youngsters. As the situation worsened, the Army was deployed and a curfew clamped on the affected areas of Jammu.

It is common knowledge that emotions tend to run high as the anniversary of Operation Bluestar approaches. There is a danger of minor incidents getting out of control if not tackled tactfully. Jammu should serve as an example of how not to deal with a protest. If some youths, born after the days of militancy in Punjab and the unfortunate Army action in the Golden Temple, want to put up posters of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in Jammu, Amritsar or anywhere else, why should the authorities feel so provoked? The police have to be more tolerant and civilized. On their part, protesters have to know their limits, even in a democracy. Those violating the law, blocking roads, forcing the closure of shops, damaging public property or inciting communal violence should not be spared. None knows it better than the police in Punjab and J&K that the law should not be applied selectively and an excessive use of force could prove counter-productive.

One hopes the Punjab authorities draw the right lessons from Jammu as they prepare for the Bluestar anniversary functions on Saturday. Last year group clashes occurred right in the Golden Temple complex, much to the shock of devotees. That hardliners do not enjoy popular support is evident from their rejection in election after election. The government, the SGPC and other Sikh organisations should ensure that hot-headed extremists do not spoil the sombre occasion. Agents-provocateurs must not be allowed to disturb Punjab’s peace and social harmony.

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