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While attending to gigantic issues confronting US, President Obama will look beyond US shores: Dal Khalsa hopes

November 9, 2012 | By

Amritsar, Punjab (November 09, 2012): Extending its warmest greetings to Barack Obama, his family and fellow Americans on his outstanding victory, the Dal Khalsa has pinned hopes that while attending to the gigantic issues confronting the US, the President will also focus with renewed vigor on peace and dignity of all peoples around the globe.

In a letter addressed to US president sent through US Ambassador to India Madam Nancy Powell, the organizations secretary for political affairs Kanwar Pal Singh said as a political party dedicated to upholding Sikh rights, they were particularly pleased that Sikh-Americans have supported Mr Obama just as they supported Bill Clinton who initiated the Sikh-American dialogue years ago.

Dal Khalsa

Barack Obama

Hailing US commitment to equality of all citizens, the communiqué referred to Obama’s observance of Sikh religious days at the White House, his decision to lower the US flags in solidarity with grieving Sikhs following the killings in Wisconsin, the First Lady’s special personal visit to empathize with the victim families of Wisconsin tragedy.

“The “true” person belongs to the Almighty and the victory is that of the Almighty. This is how the Sikhs always feel and this is how we feel for your great second-time victory at the hustings, getting re-elected as the President of the United States of America”, reads the letter.

The group hoped that US government would do more than what it has done for Sikhs in areas of harassment at airports, bullying in schools, stoppage of hate crimes and equality in service conditions.

Taking a cue from the trademark of Obama’s campaign and politics based on hope, the letter states, “As an international community, transcending geographical boundaries, Sikhs too hope for better future for all humankind”.

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