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Why does the world need Khalistan?

August 15, 2022 | By

A writeup by Dr. Aslam Abdullah under the title “Why does the world need Khalistan” appeared in AMUST on August 2, 2022. Excerpts from the writeup are reproduced below for the information of readers of Sikh Siyasat News. Link to full write-up may be found at the end of following excerpts – Editor.) 

Khalsa means ‘to be pure’ or ‘to be clear’ or ‘to be free from’ or ‘to be liberated.

Ninety-one percent of the world’s 27 million-plus Sikhs live in India. Sikhs comprise 2% of India’s population, but their literacy rate is over 77%, and their representation in the Indian army is 26%.

With India marching towards a militant and violent Hindu Rashtra, the demand for Khalistan is gaining momentum. Regardless of the relevance and feasibility of the demand, if any religious community deserves a separate state, it is the Sikh community.

During the last few decades, there has not been a single humanitarian crisis that the Sikh community did not respond to with its resources. Only the Sikh community has shown during the last few decades that it can rise above its interests and serve humanity as a whole. Imagine how much good this community would bring to the world if it had its own country. 

While other religious communities have failed to live their ideals, the Sikh community has shown its commitment in actions to its core values. During the last 100 years, no religious community acted in defense of human dignity, despite tall claims. The world awaits the emergence of a religious community that views humanity as one and proves through its action that its commitment to service is selfless

As a Muslim, I feel compelled to support Khalistan because my religious scripture reminds me to stand for good wherever I find it. At present, the Sikh community has proven that it symbolizes good among all other religious groups as far as social morality is concerned.

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