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Harkamal Singh Surrey

[Special Talk]: Understanding thought patterns favouring & opposing portrayal of Sikh Gurus in Films like Nanak Shah Fakir and Chaar Sahibzaade

Sikh Siyasat’s host Baljeet Singh conducted a discussion with prominent sikh thinker Sr. Ajmer Singh from Chandigarh and Sr. Harkanwal Singh from Surrey, Canada, regarding the principled legitimacy of the controversial movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ in the light of Sikh philosophy.

Do movies portraying Guru Sahib are really helpful for Sikh Children?

This video clip is part of a detailed discussion (Part II) by Sikh Siyasat on Nanak Shah Fakir movie. In this clip S. Harkamal Singh Surrey explained that movies on Sikh Gurus can not be a replacement of Sikh parent's duty to tell their children about Sikhi. As the idea of portraying Sikh Guru Sahibs was basically faulty any movie created on that idea won't do anything better to the Sikh children.

Detailed Discussion on Nanak Shah Fakir movie; Why objections against depiction of Sikh Gurus in films

Sikh Siyasat’s host Baljeet Singh held a detailed discussion via Google+ Hangout with S. Ajmer Singh (Punjab) and S. Harkamal Singh (Surrey, Canada) on the issue of depiction of Sikh Guru Sahibs in feature films/ animation movies.