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Interpol withdraws Paramjit Singh Pamma’s International Arrest Warrent

Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a US based human rights and advocacy group said in a written statement that the Government of India is facing a daunting task to extradite Paramjeet Singh Pamma since Interpol has also withdrawn the arrest warrants against the Sikh activist who is living in UK since 1999 as refugee.

Portuguese authorities accused of illegal detention of Sikh man from Britain based on faulty Interpol Red Notice: Sikh Federation UK

In May 2015 INTERPOL announced a new policy relating to recognised refugees, responding to calls for reform led by Fair Trials International and the Open Dialogue Foundation. INTERPOL therefore has a policy of removing Red Notices of individuals who have been verified to be refugees.

Pakistani authorities seek Interpol’s help to nab Canadian Sikh woman’s killer

Lahore, Pakistan (January 09, 2012): As per media reports the authorities in Pakistan have contacted the Interpol to arrest a suspect who escaped to Germany after killing a Canadian Sikh woman.