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Who should be ashamed of? – Sikhs for Justice or the Indian State, Manmohan Singh and Indian Media

October 1, 2013 | By

Chandigarh/ Punjab (October 01, 2013): Recently, a US based Sikh advocacy and Human Rights group, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) got registered, in the US Courts, complaints against Indian political leaders including Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for their alleged role in shielding the perpetrators of the Sikh Genocide 1984. The US Courts issued summons against the concerned Indian leaders in these lawsuits.

Various sections of Indian media were quick enough to criticize these efforts as “publicity stunt” of the Sikhs for Justice.

The “Political Editor” of an online news portal named “Punjab News Line” (PNL) wrote: “[t]he US based self styled and publicity crazy rights group ‘Sikhs for Justice’ should feel ashamed of trying to embarrass and humiliate the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Gursikh whose credentials are above board and who is respected worldwide”.

“Particularly when recently a Gursikh professor had been targeted in a racial attack the presence of Dr [Manmohan] Singh, also a Gursikh, could have been used to explain and illustrate the distinct identity of Sikhs to the people in the US”, reads the writeup titled: “’Sikhs for Justice’ should feel ashamed of trying to humiliate Manmohan Singh” reads the write-up published by PNL.

According to the Punjab News Line (PNL) “[b]y getting the summons issued against Dr Manmohan Singh, the ‘Sikhs for Justice’ have done great disservice to the community for which it should not only feel ashamed but also apologise. It not only wasted a godsend occasion to reintroduce and reinforce the distinct Sikh identity through Dr Manmohan Singh, it also created confusion by creating suspicions about Dr Manmohan Singh”.

In it’s write-up the “Political Editor” of the PNL has attempted to present Indian Prime Minister as “grand ambassador” of the Sikhs, and has condemned Sikhs for Justice for attempting to scratch his image.

In an earlier write-up on Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) it was clarified that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s “Sikh image” is being used as a tool of thought control strategy against the Sikhs by the Indian State.

It is notable that thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed during various massacres that formed part of the Sikh genocide 1984. During November 1984 the Sikh gurdwaras were also burnt and destroyed in a planned manner. The culprits of the Sikh genocide did not only enjoy the impunity during last three decades rather they were rewarded with high political seats. They continue to enjoy powerful positions, which is evident from the political positions held by Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath.

Mass level human rights abuses were committed by the Indian security forces in Punjab under the name of counter-militancy/insurgency operations, and no justice has been delivered to the victims. Indian Supreme Court (SCI) and India’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has admitted that at least 2097 innocent Sikhs were killed and cremated illegally by Indian security forces only in three cremation grounds of Amritsar District, but the approach was such that the NHRC “awarded” “compensation” to the legal heirs of the victims killed and cremated by Indian security forces for the “disrespect” of dead bodies; but SCI & NHRC did not bother to consider the fact that those dead bodies were living human beings before being turned into dead bodies.

The extent of state-patronage to the violators of human rights is such that the Supreme Court of India failed to take notice of CBI inquiry confirming serious charges against Punjab’s current DGP Sumedh Saini. Recently, a Punjab cop disclosed that he killed 83 innocent Sikhs on the directions of his superior who is currently posted on a high post in Punjab police.

Indian media (read PNL) has said that the Sikh diaspora organization (Sikhs for Justice) that has initiated efforts to get the fact of Sikh genocide 1984 recognized by the international community should feel “ashamed” for not availing the so-called opportunity to high light the Sikh identity using “GurSikh” image of the “Sikh” prime minister of India during his recent visit to the US; and, further, for attempting to humiliate him; the Sikh Siyasat News (SSN) leaves it on the readers to decide that who should feel ashamed – Sikhs for Justice for raising the voice of the Sikhs against the persistent denial of justice or the Indian State, Manmohan Singh and the Indian Media for denying justice to the Sikhs, shielding the culprits of Sikh genocide and supporting propagating against the Sikhs with intent to damage their imago.

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