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Is Indian Deep State Still Carrying the Colonial Overhang?

April 18, 2020 | By

author: Jaspal Singh Sidhu*

For the British colonials natives were subjects (gulaams not citizens). That is why the British never trusted natives and never took them into confidence in any decision during 200-year rule.

In democratic states, India claims to be one of them, natives are citizens whose “elected government” should be responsive to their (citizens’) rights. Recognising citizens’ rights, the government should take them into confidence in all vital decisions.

Just visualise: On 4 May 2016, European Central Bank announced to withdraw 500 Euro-note after 36 months at the end of 2018.

Without any prior notice, the India regime suddenly went for demonetisation in November 2016 to be followed by a sudden implementation of GST.

First coronavirus was noticed in India at January-end; brought in Indians trapped abroad by special flights; scanning began at Indian airports; WHO declared a pandemic on March 11, cricket match canceled and Home Ministry declared COVID-19 at National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

South Africa, New Zealand, and several countries went for lockdown after 3 to 4 days’ advance notice to citizens. India suddenly announced lockdown from midnight March 26 with four-hour notice to states.

Trapped migrant poor without work rush off to their far-off village homes for solace. They got stuck up with no buses and trains with police using force to restrict them. Being voters, are they not citizens?

Why was lockdown and curfew imposed like the British colonisers had been using Marshall law to suppress natives? Is Indian Deep State still carrying the colonial overhang?

  • Jaspal Singh Sidhu is a senior retired journalist. He tweets at @SdhJaspal.

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