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Letter to Editor – Air India tragedy and failure to provide justice to the victim families

June 28, 2012 | By

It has been 27 years since hundreds of innocent lives were lost in the Air India tragedy. We’ll pay our respect and homage to all the innocent lives lost in this tragedy. And the other sad thing is that Canadian Intelligence Services and Justice system has failed to punish the guilty persons. In the John Major some of the Canadian Intelligence agents working for CSIS or RCMP have suspected role of Indian Diplomats/Secret agents in the Air India Tragedy. But unfortunately Canadian Government refused to follow up on this thing to maintain good business and diplomatic relations with the Indian Government And most of the evidence leading towards Indian secret agents was destroyed.

Many Canadian Politicians and Media persons don’t want to believe that Indian Government can blow its own Air India flight and kill innocent persons. But they forget that we are talking about Indian Government that can attack a very religious place, where thousands of innocent worshippers are present, with army and tanks, killing thousands of innocent worshippers. The Indira Gandhi led Government told the world and media that they had to attack the Golden Temple as Sant Bhindranwale was there. But according to Lt. Gen. Sinha, Indira Gandhi had started planning and asked army to start traing to attack the Golden Temple 18 months earlier. If Indira Gandhi started making these plans 18 months earlier, that means she must have discussed this with her close advisors few months earlier. That means Indira Gandhi had planned to attack the Golden Temple when the Sant Bhindrawale and his associates were not in the Golden Temple complex. Average person will ask, then why would Indira Gandhi will plan to attack the religious place like Golden Temple.

Former Canadian High Commissioner to India in 1984 Mr. William Warden testified before Justice Major at Air India inquiry that in 1975 Indira Gandhi had imposed a state of emergency in India and the Sikh Akali party of Punjab launched one of the largest and most effective demonstrations against what she was doing. Finally the emergency was lifted in 1977 and she lost the next elections. When Indira Gandhi was re-elected as PM in 1980, she was particularly angry about the Sikh protests against her dictatorial rule during the two years of emergency rule and was determined to teach Sikhs a lesson. In Mr. Warden’s words it was a “Pay Back Time.”

So Indira Gandhi had planned to attack the Golden Temple to get her revenge from Sikhs for opposing her emergency rule and to get large majority of Hindu votes in the next elections.

After Indira Gandhi’s death thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed in 1984 Sikh Genocide that was planned, organised and executed by the ruling Congress Government led by Rajeev Gandhi. That is why the police and security forces never made any effort to stop mobs from killing innocent persons. So far in 28 years the Indian Justice system controlled by the ruling Congress Government has failed to punish the guilty persons.

Sikhs living in Western countries were working very hard to let the western Governments and Media know about thousands of innocent lives lost in Blue Star Operation and 1984 Sikh Genocide. Some western Politicians and Media started getting sympathetic to the Sikhs and started asking questions and demanding Justice for the victim families on Humanity basis. But Rajeev Gandhi led Government didn’t like that and decided to do some thing really bad to project Sikhs as “terrorists”. That is when Government decided to use its secret black cat agents to make wild statements and do something very stupid to project Sikhs as “terrorists”. And those secret agents organised the Air India tragedy and were successful to change the views of wetern politicians and media about Sikhs. CSIC agents knew about Indian Govts. secret agents role and had warned the Government about the Air India tragedy. But unfortunately Canadian Government for its business and Diplomatic reasons ignored those facts and never blamed those secret agents for that tragedy. It is very sad but true facts that how Govts. give more priority to their business intrests rather than providing justice to the victim families.

We just hope that one day the general public and media will start asking questions to the Government that why it ignored CSIC agents leads and suspicions about the role of Indian Diplomats or secret agents in the Air India tragedy. When will the Government have the courage to go after the real guilty persons and provide Justice to the hundreds of innocent victim families.

Kanwal jit Singh Gill
Surrey, B.C

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